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Last Updated : 11/08/2017 - 06:32 AM
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When the privileged schools in Colombo have the capacity to book a prestigious hall or a location to showcase the talents of their students, the village schools and also the schools far away from Colombo still have to manage with school playground, hired stage and tent facilities to have their annual events.
Yet many of these events will never be seen by the millions of Sri Lankans who watch present day television cluttered with teledramas and other cheap programs. This situation has been prevailing in the country for a very long time unnoticed.
But now HTV in its capacity has been doing the best for the benefit of the rural students by showing their talents to all Sri lankans in Prime time television.

This opportunity was recently taken by the Teachers and students of Kalugala Maha Vidyalaya to show their first ever variety entertainment program “Naada Nuu Paa” on HTV.

Their performance will be an eye opener for many schools in far away places. HTV will always do the best to support to promote the talents of the not so privileged students in Sri Lanka. We earnestly invite old boys and well wishers to join hands with us to give opportunities for our future generations.
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