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Last Updated : 18/11/2017 - 09:40 PM
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Sinhala Aluth Awurudu Hamuwa

The staff and students of Heritage Television and Heritage TV Academy jointly celebrated the Awurudu at the Malabe HTV office premises. The veteran media personality Dr Edwin Ariyadasa the chief guest and Mrs Chandani Werapitiya the Guest of Honor with many other well wishers, teachers and parents attended the annual event wishing the students a bright and prosperous future in media.
The day began with the lighting of the oil lamp by the honored guests, students and also the kids who lovingly participated.
The Awurudu breakfast was also arranged by the students and staff of HTV, making it a friendly team work which has been the success of the Academy and the Heritage TV Channel.
Even though everyone loves to taste the traditional Sinhala sweet meats it is becoming a practice of the past generations to prepare the sweets at home. In order to educate the younger generations with the art of making "Konda Kewum" and "Aasmi" HTV invited two ladies from Rathnapura to participate at the event.
Mrs Shraddawathi and Mrs Kusumawathi both spent hours at HTV not only to prepare the sweet meats but also to teach the students to get an idea about making of traditional sweet meats.
As the Academy students are talented in many fields, the competitions allowed them to entertain the crowd till the end of the day.
Miss Wasana of Mathara surpassed the talent of many other competitors and became the winner of the Talent contest "Den Ottui". Mr Duminda was the 1st runner up and Miss Nadia became the 2nd runner up of the very popular event.
Deviating from the traditional Awurudu Kumari competition, HTV selected the Miss HTV combining both beauty and talent.
The Judges Dr Ariyadasa, Mrs Werapitiya and Mr Chandralal Manamendra the veteran film and TV Cameraman unanimously selected Miss Chaturika of Hanguranketha as Miss HTV, while Miss Sachini of Kandy and Miss Thamali Darshi of Seethawaka pura was adjudged as the 1st and 2nd runner up of the event.
Hence the event was attended by many parents and kids they too were also invited to take part in traditional Awurudu competitions. All who won were given token of appreciations and gifts by HTV.
Dr Edwin Ariyadasa and Mr Manamendra gave away the gifts for all who won at the events and commended their talent and also for the attachment they had with the Academy.
Mr Nipun of the Rathnapura batch speaking at the event said that they are lucky to be new members of the HTV Academy and also to be invited for the event which allowed them to get to know their other colleagues.
Mr Hema Nalin Karunaratne speaking at the event invited the future generation of Sri Lanka's TV Media the HTV Academy students to take the leading steps to practice untiringly until they reach the professional standard in their selected fields. He also thanked the student organizers Mr Saranga, Mr Supun, Mr Sumedha for their commitment and the staff who made it possible to have an entertaining and unforgettable day for everyone.
Mr Upul Jayasinghe the Manager of the HTV Academy thanked everyone who supported to organize the event and the Honorable Guests who participated.
Event Management - Miss Buddhika Gayathri
Cameramen - Mr Kushan Charuka Jayalath, Jananjana Amarasinghe, Tharaka sandun
Events Coordinator - Dilshan Fernando
Photographers - Janaka Karunathilaka, Madusha Mithun
Web design and developer - Palitha Lahiru Nirmal
Special Thanks - Tharaka Hewanayaka, Indunil Wanessara

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